Safe Harbour

by Chris Conway & Dan Britton

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Studio album by singer songwriters & multi-instrumentalists Chris Conway & Dan Britton - their first duo studio album in 15 years!

Despite being very busy with Celtic band Govannen, Chris & Dan had never stopped playing concerts of their own songs in a duo, often augmented by Neil Rabjohn's percussion. But they never had the time to go back to the studio.

Sometime around the start of 2016, Dan had recorded a couple of songs with Chris about his family history which were put out on Youtube. Then they started to really enjoy the duo concerts. Somewhere along the line they decided to write some news songs, combine them with songs from their solo albums that were firm favourites in their live set, and record them. This they did here and there throughout 2016, with Chris adding more to the ones Dan had originally recorded. Then suddenly it was done.

Dan brought in songs about his family history, and losses that touched his life. Chris brought his mix of magic, love, wistful memories. They are a special combination - Dan is the engine, the earth, and heart - Chris is the wizard, the dreamer, and soul.


released November 24, 2016

Chris Conway – vocals, 9 string guitars, piano, keyboards, tin & low Irish whistles, bombarde, kalimba, zither, percussion
Dan Britton – vocals, guitars, mandolin, bodhran, percussion
Neil Rabjohn – cajon drum, percussion
Adele McMahon – violin 1, 4, 6, 7, 12
Roger Wilson – violin - 9

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 – by Chris Conway
1, 3, 5, 7, 11 – by Dan Britton
9 – poem by Charles Kingsley, arr Dan Britton


all rights reserved



Chris Conway & Dan Britton Leicester

Blending American and Celtic styles, and between them playing guitars, flutes and whistles, keyboards, bodhran, kalimbas as well as their fantastically strong vocals, they have the unique ability to sound like a full band. They rock!

Together they have toured the UK, supported Bob Geldof. Frances Black, Jefferson Starship, Country Joe McDonald, and Roy Wood.
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Track Name: Surprise Me
Surprise Me - ©2106 Chris Conway
So many orbits around the sun,
And I hope to travel many more
But a feeling inevitably comes
That I've seen and heard everything before.
So I search in the dark,
For that special spark.
And Ithe light goes out.

You can still surprise me,
Like the lightning and the thunder,
Your smile will always delight me,
Like the stars in the sky will always,
Fill me with wonder.

There's a seething wall of information
So many people, with so much to say,
How can I tune in to a single station,
Where the magic is alive today?
And the louder they shout,
The deeper my doubts.
And we all fall down.


Since the day you found me,
I gather rather dreams around me,
Cast them on the shore.
Let them fly once more.
Dance around the dances,
Chancing all the chances.
Learn to feel alive.
To random delights.
And the sound inside.

The past has gathered me together,
But the future is my new toy.
The world we know wont last forever,
So lets focus on what brings us joy.
We're a long time dead.
So lets forge ahead,
And on darker days,
In a thousand ways
I know you'll make me smile
Track Name: Leaf Boat Dreams
Leaf Boat Dreams ©2016 Chris Conway

When I was a child, with my best friend
We'd play by a stream til the summer's end.
Make boats from leaves and follow their path.
Through the calms and the rapids and the aftermath.
We'd give each boat a magic name,
Our minds would live inside the game
Imagine we were captains on he deck.
Be it a wondrous voyage or sinking wreck.

On a winding stream.
Launch a leaf a boat.
Follow it to see how long it floats.
How will it fare?
You'll never know,
Til you fill it with your dreams.
And let the boat go.

When I was young plans filled my heart.
Always was problem, where to start?
So many roads, so little time.
Years I wasted, making up my mind.
The cards are dealt it is your turn,
So many things you've still to learn
But there comes a time to woman and man.
When the time must come to play your hand.


Many many leaves are sure fall.
The waters wont sink them all.
Many boats launched from the shore.
Sail a dream never sailed before.

I'm older now and can confide.
Everyday it's getting harder to decide.
What is the truth, and what are lies?
What is foolish, what is wise?
Toss a coin into the air,
And suddenly find out that you care.
I've not changed I understand
I'm a still a child with a leaf boat in my hand
Track Name: The Wishing Tree
The Wishing Tree - ©2011 Chris Conway
I've been waiting for a long long time
For the water to turn to wine
Waiting for that roll of the dice
Almost had it there once or twice
I met a man in Twelve Acre Wood
Said he knew where a wishing tree stood
Dance around it for a minute or two
Then your secret wish will come true

Dance around the wishing tree
Wish a little dream for you and me
Wish it good and wish it right
Make the dream come true because the night
Comes all too soon
So wish for the moon

There is one thing that I have learned
Things feel better when they've been earned.
So is it right for you and me
To get our dreams so easily?
But there's a lot to be wishing for
A wish for love or and end to war
A wish for money or a wish for fame
A wish to put things right again


Ohh What is it that you wish tonight?
Are you willing to take a chance?
Or is there something you'd rather hide?
Will you really dance?
Will you dance? x3

Before you rush and take my hand
There is something you should understand
The old tree has a trick or two
Only secret wishes come true
A man wished for his ailing child
Little one died in a very short while
His secret wish had a secret plan
And he became a very rich man.
Track Name: Train Of Thought
Train of Thought ©2001 Chris Conway

There’s an ache like a whistle
On a slow moving train
On the backwater line
At the back of my brain
And it seems to get closer
When I’m thinking of you
And thinking of nothing
Gets harder to do

Take my ticket
For I’ve paid my fair
Be sure to wake me
When we get there
There’s someone at the station
Waiting for me
I don’t know my destination
And I don’t know who it will turn out to be

My compartment is empty
But that suits me just fine
I’ve got nothing to say
And my thoughts are all mine
I look out of the window
And then close my eyes
And hope the train stops
Under friendlier skies


Lost on a path of least resistance
Will I find you in space, will I find you in time?
Will we meet like parallel tracks in the distance
At the vanishing point at the end of the line?

In the book that I’m reading
The last chapters torn out
As I don’t want to know
What the story’s about
When I reach where I’m going
I’ll put the book on my shelf
And I just might write
The last chapter myself

Track Name: Three Fishers
Three fishers went sailing out into the West,
Out into the West as the sun went down;
Each thought on the woman who lov’d him the best;
And the children stood watching them out of the town;
For men must work, and women must weep,
And there's little to earn, and many to keep,
Though the harbour bar be moaning.

Three wives sat up in the light-house tower,
And they trimm’d the lamps as the sun went down;
They look’d at the squall, and they look’d at the shower,
And the night wrack came rolling up ragged and brown!
But men must work, and women must weep,
Though storms be sudden, and waters deep,
And the harbour bar be moaning.

Three corpses lay out on the shining sands
In the morning gleam as the tide went down,
And the women are weeping and wringing their hands
For those who will never come back to the town;
For men must work, and women must weep,
And the sooner it's over, the sooner to sleep—
And good-by to the bar and its moaning.
Track Name: Magical Rooms
Magical Rooms - ©2016 Chris Conway
The room where it all began
Where I first became myself
The curtains never opened
Treasured books upon the shelf
My uncle's piano painted green
Where I taught myself to play
Transistor radio under the bed
Secret listening as I lay
The first girl who came to visit
Neither of us bold enough to try
Gazed at each other in the darkness
Watching the moment pass us by.

Empty spaces made me who I was.
Magical rooms of my life

Another room, a green light hangs from a wire,
Flickering shadows by candlelight
Music, drink and incense
Friends, lovers and endless nights
Finding a safe harbour
From a night out on the town
Birds singing on the street at 4am
Finding my voice and my sound
We felt the world was changing
We knew this was our time
And the green room reflected
My expanding mind

Empty spaces made me who I am.
Magical rooms of my life

The rooms are all still there today
Do I still haunt them as they are haunting me?
Are all the atmospheres strangely in some way
Recorded on the walls for eternity
Or do they only live in my mind
When I reminisce for awhile.

Another room, a darker shade of green
Recording the sounds in my mind
The first screen connected me
The whole world wide
Bonds between us grew stronger
And more painful when they were gone
And suddenly I realised
It was time to move on

Now I live in a house of rooms - some of them are real
Some of them are memories - some can never be
Some are secret portals - some are my jail
Some are reason - I lived to tell the tale
Some of them are you - all of them are me
And all of them are magic - all of them are magic...

Empty spaces made me who I''ll be.
Magical rooms of my life.
Track Name: Journey's End
Journeys End - ©2016 Chris Conway
What is the wandering soul,
Without a home?
What is a crowd when you're alone?
What is the song that never,
Gets to be heard?
What becomes of the meaning of the words?

You know I've always taken the easy way out.
So what is the easy way now?

A single crocus flower,
Reaches out of the snow,
The purple petals seem to glow.
Still so very young,
And will never grow old,
A shining candle in the cold.

We always said that time would tell us how.
So what is time saying now?

Pages and pages of lives and loves,
Of wishes wished on stars above,
Of hopes and dreams at dead of night,
And magic spun by candlelight.
With you by my side.

We talked again tonight.
Like many times before.
I don't want to talk anymore.
Just sit beside me now,
And turn down the light.
And one more time just hold me tight.

There are many roads to journeys end.
But I'll meet you there, my friend.

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